Monday, November 02, 2009

Double Dip, Echo Bubble, Green Shoots, LUV

I do not know if I am a better investor after this recession, but have certainly learnt some new, fascinating term. The neo-recession dictionary includes the following

Double Dip Recession:
When gross domestic product (GDP) growth slides back to negative after a quarter or two of positive growth. A double-dip recession refers to a recession followed by a short-lived recovery, followed by another recession. (Investopedia)

Echo Bubble:
A post-bubble rally that becomes another, smaller bubble. (Investopedia)
People point to the rally that occurred after the market crash of 1929 as an example of an echo bubble. Just like its more-prominent predecessor, the smaller echo bubble eventually burst. Also, after the technology bubble that occurred at the turn of the 21st century--one of the biggest bubbles of all time--people believed that another echo bubble was on the way.

Green Shoots:
Green shoots is a term used colloquially to indicate signs of economic recovery during an economic downturn.

It was first used in this sense by Norman Lamont, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom, during the 1991 Recession.The phrase was used again by Baroness Vadera, former Business Minister of the UK in January, 2009 to refer to signs of economic recovery during the late-2000s recession, again to criticism from the media and opposition politicians. The U.S. media started to use the phrase to describe domestic economic conditions in February 2009 when the New York Times quoted Bruce Kasman, chief economist at JPMorgan Chase as saying, "It's too early to get excited, but I think there are a couple of green shoots that say we're not going down as heavily in the first quarter [of 2009] as we were in the fourth quarter [of 2008]." The Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, made the first public use of the phrase by a Fed official in a March 15, 2009 interview with CBS 60 Minutes (Wikipedia)

Luv hurts... Sir Martin Sorrell has warned of a 'LUV-shaped recession'.
The boss of ad giant WPP, which includes JWT and Ogilvy and Mather, as well as Finsbury PR and TNS market research, is saying the recession is L-shaped in the UK and Western Europe, U-shaped in the US, and V-shaped in Asia and the BRIC countries.

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