Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On Reverse Outsourcing

Salaries of software professionals rose 18.7% in 2007 while the rupee has gained almost 10% this year to near 10-year highs

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In defence of Blogging

Every reader may find a blog that caters to him/her, while journalism caters to the lowest common denominator

"...All who attack blogs are right, but they nevertheless miss the point, as Theodore Sturgeon could have told them. When Sturgeon, a writer of science fiction, was attacked for the rubbish that came out of that genre, he famously came up with what is known today as Sturgeon’s Revelation: “90% of everything is crud.

Sturgeon’s point was that most attacks against science fiction used “the worst examples of the field for ammunition”. And while he accepted that 90% of science fiction was rubbish, so was 90% of everything else. If one just looked at the crud component of any field, it would be easy to dismiss anything...."
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