Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tata-Corus - Analysis

Here's my analysis

UBS + Goldman Sachs:
Had bought 11 percent of Corus before they pushed CSN into the bidding game.(think 0.11*11 billion *(609-455)/455 dollars ) **

CSN: had 36 million of Corus Shares. Put in a bid of 475 pence per share (and did due diligence later, can you belive it, did it get ponied by the bankers or it believed Tata would outbid it anyway)

Corus and its other shareholders: Obvious Reasons

Indian Politicians: Blowing their own trumpet
What does India (or Indian industry) gain through this publicity? Would investors be more willing to invest in India after this?

Potential Dark Horse
Tata Steel:
Got screwed ??
Yes, but it had already decided to build up capacity. Think industry dynamics (consolidation, pricing power) Paid $700 per tonne of production capacity. Would have needed double that amount to build (unless what I read was wrong, some say PV of expanding to that capacity to be $2000)

There can be only one loser . (unless the industry consolidation wipes out smaller players) But fingers crossed?
** 400+ million dollars


Anonymous said...

hi. came across your blog. i will be joingn the class of 2008. any advice on how i can utilise the next 2 months and get a headstart?
suggested readings??

Kapil said...


Personally, I would advise you to chill out.

However, if you are really want to do something than try getting some experience in the area you want to go after ISB. Could not hurt if you want to switch careers.

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