Monday, December 20, 2010

ROCE and Growth

Long term "sustainable" growth for companies is limited by ROCE (actually ROCE*PloughBack Ratio) of the business. Important implication of this is that high growth companies with moderate ROCEs have to dilute to keep growing at the same high rate

Friday, December 10, 2010

Everonn - Appointment of JJ Irani and Nikhil Gandhi as Directors

Everonn, today, announced the appointment of JJ Irani as Director and non executive chairman and Nikhil Gandhi as director on the board of the company. Here are my thoughts on this

1. Nikhil Gandhi's appointment was expected and should have not effect (he has put in 200 cr into the company)
2. JJ's appointment is a positive development and potentially serves two purposes
    a) Gives an important face lift to corporate governance at Everonn. The company could be planning to raise further capital and JJ's presence would be a big confidence boost for potential investors
    b) Helps to counter NG's influence to push Everonn for benefit of SKIL
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