Saturday, July 19, 2014

UBER Promo Code - Get Ice Cream

UBER recently served ice cream in their cabs. On July 18 one could call an UBER ride and enjoy free ice cream in 144 cities, in 38 countries over 6 continents. UBER served haagen-dazs ice creams in India. Did you get one

In case you missed the ice cream, you can still get a free ride on a luxury car with UBER. Just sign in with the UBER promo code UBER Equity and take your next journey in style.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

UBER Chopper Rides

UBER is giving you a tour of your city. So what is the big deal you may ask. Well the tour is on a chopper. Yes you read it right 'CHOPPER' . If you are in Bangalore/Mumbai you can chose UBER Chopper to take a scenic tour of the city in a helicopter.

  • When: Saturday, June 14th (Bangalore), June 15th (Mumbai) starting at 9 AM
  • Select UberCHOPPER in the lower menu of the Uber app
  • Press the black bar that reads “Request CHOPPER“. We’ll give you a call for final confirmation.
  • A swanky ride will pick you up and transport you to the helipad.
  • You will be flown around the city’s iconic buildings and locations. You will then be taken back to the helipad, and your car will drop you off to the High Ultra Lounge, for a brunch on the tallest building in the city.
  • Demand will be off the skies and availability will be limited. So you may have to try a few times before you can get a ride.
  • Each request will be for two persons
  • Total fare for two persons - Rs. 4999 (includes door-to-door car service, chopper ride and brunch)
  • Each Chopper ride can seat four persons, so you might share your flight with other riders
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Friday, June 20, 2014

UBER Launched In Pune: UBER Promo Code

UBER cabs have arrived in Pune. This takes the total no of cities covered in India to 6. Uber had already launched services in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Overall Uber cabs are available in over 100 cities worldwide.
Uber had recently raised fresh funds at pre money valuation of 17 billion dollars. Uber continues to offer free rides to new users. To get your free ride, enter the following code while signing up: uberequity
Or simply sign up at

Do share your experience.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

UBER Vs OLA Luxury Cars - Get Free Rides

Luxury cab rides market in India is heating up and its driven by mobile app companies. Hard to image just sample these

UBER in Mumbai
After lauch of UBER in five india cities, Ola Cabs has also upped its game. The well funded India start up has now tied up with luxury cab companies in India to offer its services across multiple cities. Ola is already present in 8 cities and would be adding other cites soon including Chandigarh.

Ola's Response

Good news for riders in India though. We have cover a long way from our favourite kaali peeli taxis.

Anyways, if you want a free rides on UBER, signup using the following link You get Rs 300 as you UBER Credit. Use additional promo codes after this to get additional discounts.  If Ola is more your thing use the following code while signing up to get Rs 300 in OLA money: G7P3GJ

Happy Riding!


Uber Promo Code Chennai

Ride to and from Chennai Airport is now cheaper on your favourite cabs in Chennai. UBER has done away with the airport charge and now charges the regular fee. Arrive in style at the airport with UBER cab rides

Base Fare: 50.00
Per KM: 15.00
Per Minute: 2.00
Airport Service Fee : 100.00

Certainly cheaper than Meru where charges go up to Rs 25 per kilometre (in Delhi) . Anyways just to make the deal sweeter your get Rs 300 off when you sign up for UBER with

Get another Rs 300 off by entering the promo code post sign up AIRPORTCHENNAI


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why Congress may spring a few surprises in the current polls

I am no psephology expert, and these are just my thoughts.

Lets agree that, BJP is outspending Congress by a huge margin and their media managers have made very effective use of this spending power. With that as a background, here are a few thoughts for you to consider

Gujarat has certainly grown fast over the last 10 years (next only to Uttrakhand). However 10 other states have outpaced it in growth over the last 5 years (period for which data is available). So while there is much to like about what is called the Gujarat model (frankly, other than a few anecdotes, I know nothing about this famed model), it is certainly not the only 'model'. Gujarat still has prohibition(although per reports there is a 30K crore grey market). Therefore its tough for me to reconcile with the Gujarat model, if I have to buy my weekly fix through the grey market, although my spouse would be happy if it implemented nationwide.

Lets also agree that in cities (certainly the metro cities in North and West India) there is certainly a Modi 'wave'. But it may be imprudent to completely write off Congress for a couple of reasons

1. Anti incumbency vote may get divided between Modi and AAP
2. Congress Government has done tremendous work outside of the main cities in the areas of Education and Healthcare over the last 10 years. Initiatives like NREGA, despite many chinks in execution, are providing livelihood to many and part of the enormous work done on 'Inclusion'. While Congress has failed to highlight this in the media, there is bound to be some goodwill from these initiatives amongst people that have benefited from it.

In any case, if Modi does win, his party may not be the one celebrating over the next 5 years, because it may turn out that the incumbent government is not really more corrupt that the previous government by his party, as is the popular perception. But that this, popular perception, is a result of the tremendous increase in media spotlight/CAG activism over the last few years, This is likely to get amplified even more in the coming 5 years because of the huge expectations being built around him.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

UBER Promo: Free Rides worth 1300++

UBER is participating with Restaurant Week India to offer free rides. If you intend to eat out this week, here is how you can get free rides in luxury cars and make it a special event

How to get free rides on UBER:

1. Sign up on UBER with the promo code UBEREQUITY: This will give you free UBER Credit worth Rs 300 that can be used any time.
2. Now signup on Restaurant Week India: This will give you 2 free rides (worth Rs 500 each ) for a total of Rs 1300 in UBER Credits  (this UBER Promo Code is valid in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai)


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Elections 2014: Media inquisitions and Ullu Banaoing

Its elections time once again and a rather elongated period. Our politicians are now facing increasing scrutiny from media and the common man. Journalists are not afraid to ask the rough questions or relay popular resentment in interviews with new or powerful seasoned politicians (except Modi, Sonia and Rahul - which is not unexpected - even Arnab Goswami's interview of RG was rather tame, compared to his usual inquisitions).  Remember they still face accusations about choosing sides, biased opinions and paid news. But have our journalists come of age.

Despite the above accusations, I believe that the biggest failings is their ability to questions the replies they get, to get past rhetoric and not allowing these politicians to escape with jingoism and get real answers. Eg  Q. Why haven't you apologised for the riots that happened in the year AAAA?  Answer: Why does our oppositions not answer for XXX, YYY and ZZZ.  More people died in the these three. They were in power at the centre at all these times including in AAAA.

The journalists are happy at this point. Content that they have got the answer to the questions that were handed to them by their editor. They tick off this question and move to the next one. Politicians have realized that that they can side step difficult questions quite easily. Notice the reply, does not even attempt to the question asked and easily sidesteps it. The interviewer mentally ticks off a box in his list of questions and moves on to the next one. Headlines next days would say MMMM asks opposition party to atone for their sins.

This gets repeated for issue after issue. This "Ullu banaoing" continues. Everybody is happy.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Were you denied the right to vote yesterday? Here is a story you can relate to.

Were you denied the right to vote yesterday? Here is a story you can relate to.


When Reeti Pandharipande walked into the polling booth at 7 am, she expected to vote. Many hours later, she returned home tired and frustrated, with a finger that was not ink-stained.
You voted on April 10. I did not.
Here's why.
I woke up at 6.15 am and was at the polling booth to vote at 7 am. I had my voter’s ID card, the same one I had used in three previous elections, at the same centre where my in-laws and husband vote.
To my shock, my name was missing!
I looked up as many lists as possible till 1.30 pm, moving from one booth to another, trying to find a solution.
My husband and I then went to the voting helpline. The name is irony itself; the voting helpline looked like it needed a lot of help.
There were four staffers who were attending phones that were ringing off the hook.
A typical call consisted of a caller complaining that his or her name was not in the voter list. The helpline operator would take down the details and promise to call “later” if he could find the name in the voter list.
This was easier said than done as the website on which the list could be searched was painfully slow and full of bugs.
The staff seemed earnest, but were helpless.
They couldn't find my name on the list, but they did give me a shocking bit of news: My voter ID, a unique combination of alphabets and digits, was associated with the name of a woman staying at Manewada (Reeti stays in central Nagpur while Manewada is located at the city's periphery).
Disheartened after over an hour's futile wait, hubby came back home.
My father-in-law suggested I meet the district collector and complain about the goof-up.
I went to the collector's office, but the man in charge, Abhishek Krishna, was away on poll duty. I was asked to meet the deputy collector, Pradeep Dange.
After a brief wait, I was granted an audience with Dange and other senior officials.
Already seething with anger and frustration, I told them what the problem was. Deputy Collector Nishikant Suke told me that if my name was not in the voters's list, I could not vote on April 10. Period.
I pleaded with him and explained I had voted in at least three elections previously, had not changed my address or made an application to delete my name from the voter's list. How, then, was my name missing from the list? Who deleted it? And why?
The official said, "It may or may not have been a mistake. You should have checked whether the latest voter's list has your name. It's not our responsibility at all."
So let me get this straight!
It is my responsibility to complete the voter registration procedure, submit all documents, identity and address proofs.
It is my responsibility to stand in a queue to submit the documents and get my picture clicked.
It is my responsibility to not mislay the card.
It is my responsibility to produce it every time I vote.
And, yes, it is my responsibility as a responsible, educated citizen to vote.
But why is it my responsibility to check if my name has been deleted from the list due to a clerical goof-up?
Why is it my responsibility if my voter ID has been allotted to some random person?
And if my name has been deleted due to no fault of mine, why is my responsibility to go through the same circuitous procedure of making the voter ID card?
I got this explanation: "Do you know how much workload one officer has? How can all that work be done flawlessly? The voter list gets updated every January 1. So your name got deleted. Do you expect me to keep a check on each and every name?"
Yes, I bloody well do. Because, sir, that's your damn job.
Our politicians spend millions of rupees campaigning, constituency-hopping in chartered planes, putting out ads and paying crowds to attend their rallies. If they are so desperate for votes, how about making sure that the voter who wants to vote for you has his or her name in the list?
Reeti had to return home with a finger that was not ink-stained.There are many people just like me, whose names were deleted from the list because of a 'clerical error' and who went from one booth to another, one office to another, to plead for that one opportunity to have their say in the country's democratic process.
And all they got was, "Go away. Make a new voter card. You can't vote this time."
The governnment, the politicians, the administration get disheartened by the fact that barely half the voting population takes the trouble to get out of their homes and vote. They make appeal after appeal about how every vote is precious. About how it is a responsibility. A duty. A right.
Yes, my vote is my right. And today, I was deprived of my inviolable, Constitutional right, for no fault of mine.
So, instead of posting a selfie with my inked index finger, I am posting something different.
I am posting my middle finger to this wretched system and to the politicians who don't deserve my vote.
I don't respect the system, because the system doesn't respect me.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Vanakkam Chennai - UBER Promo Code

UBER has secretly launched its services in Chennai. Travel in a style today in a UBER luxury car .  Signup here to get free UBER credits. Use the promo code - UBEREQUITY


UBER Promo Code Mumbai

UBER has secretly launched its services in Mumbai. Travel in a luxury car today instead of the Mumbai local.  Signup here to get free UBER credits. Use the promo code - UBEREQUITY

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Saturday, March 08, 2014

UBER Promo Code India

UBER launch in India brings luxury cab rides to the common man. Get rides on Mercs, Beamers, Audis and other luxury cars in India. To promote new users to sign up, UBER offers free credits to first time riders. Visit the following link and follow the instructions to sign up and get free credits and free rides:

Or signup with the promo code - UBEREQUITY to get Rs 600 credit to your account.. You can then use other promotion codes (if available to get additional discounts). UBER has been recently launched in India. and is already available in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi/NCR. Install the app to see if it is available for your city yet and travel in style.

My free rides so far on UBER have consisted of

1.  Honda Accord
2. Mercedes S Class
3. BMW 5 Series
4. Toyota Fortuner
5. Toyota Camry

Update: Jan 9 : Got a free ride on BMW 7 Series

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Guaranteed Free Rides on UBER - More Promo Codes

People in Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore are riding luxury cabs for free by using these promo codes. To get free rides in Delhi, Bangalore or Hyderabad, try any of the following promo codes at the time of signing up. Guaranteed Success!

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Promo Codes for UBER and OLA Cabs

Its raining free rides from UBER and OLA cabs. UBER continues to give free luxury cab rides with the following UBER promo code : UBEREQUITY .

I personally know several people have now used this to get free rides on mercs and beamers (BMWs). So sign up today and take a free ride while the UBER is doling out cash to get new customers. Pick up your own reason from enjoying a ride with your friends to impressing that special someone or your family and friends. I use it for my Friday/Saturday pick up and drop to the local watering hole or to attend a wedding. Pick you own reason and sign up for UBER.

Alternatively use this code as you can sign up
Ola, which is the Indian competitor to UBER is also offering free credits to its new users. Enter the following promo code G7P3GJ when you sign up.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Microsoft Site Suggestion: Find A Grave

I typed find in the address bar and google wants me to find a grave. Talk about ways to turn off your users. Maybe they too are ruing over missed opportunity to buy whatsapp. Click on the following image:


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Facebook Buys Whatsapp - The Reasons: What was Zuck thinking?

Facebook has acquired WhatsApp for an eye popping USD 19 billion dollars. In INR terms that is Rs 1,18,370 Crore. The whopping acquisition price includes USD 4 billion in cash, about USD 12 billion worth of Facebook shares and USD 3 billion in restricted stock units to be granted to WhatsApp’s founders and employees that will vest over four years following the closing of the deal. Happiness here, but many of Facebook's shareholders were not happy, punishing the stock which ended down post the announcement. So the big questions is: What was Zuckerberg thinking?
Here are my thoughts:
  • Whatsapp has 450 million people and adding 1 million people every day. With a little push WhatsApp can reach a billion plus people or more, same as Facebook.
  • Facebook believes its future is on the mobile phones. WhatsApp has become a part of life for smart phone users worldwide and many of these use WhatsApp much more than facebook.
  • While Facebook is all about sharing and putting your life for everyone to see and people may stop using facebook if this trend reverses . Messaging on WhatsApp satisfies peoples need to share  and communicate and at the same time gives them an option to feel much more secure.
  • WhatsApp is a simple, fast and reliable mobile messaging service, and in these aspects it is a lot better than facebook.
  • You don't have to join facebook, or remain on facebook to keep using WhatsApp. So Facebook is hedging its bets
Investors, however, are worried that this dilutes Facebook's earnings. At $173 billion market cap, facebook is already valued over a 100 times its net earnings. 
However, Zuck is using one expensive currency to buy another asset so in reality, he is not paying as much at least in practice even if he is paying more in theory. Importantly for Zuck and for all those whose primary investment is in Facebook this diversifies their portfolio. Adding WhatsApp is therefore much more cheaper for Zuck than for an ordinary, marginal investors like private equity and hedge funds.
Then there is the questions of whether incremental money is important to Zuckerberg or not. Studies point to decreasing utility and psychological effects of money as it increases. Zuck is probably more motivated by his initiative and the power he enjoys, by virtue of being able to connect billions of users. 
Now, ordinarily minority shareholders would protest and Zuck may have had to back off. But, remember Zuck controls most of the voting rights.

While some creative and complex arguments can be made to justify the valuation, in the long term the ultimate value is cash flows which WhatsApp seems to lack at the moment.

Anyways, here are some interesting questions that a FB investor must consider:

  1. Build vs Buy: Traditional M&A takes into account build vs buy. However how do you value an acquisition where you have failed to build, even though estimated cost to build may be much lower.
  2.  Need to achieve diversification, especially when there have been doubts raised about sustainability of the business.
  3.  Need to signal that you believe in the valuation that your own company is getting
  4.  If you are worth close to 50 billion dollars, a few billion dollars up or down does not matter vs the marginal investor
  5.  Since FB has been doing well, no body yet has questioned governance and minority rights at FB. Remember Zuck has disproportionate voting rights. How does an investor view this or is that part of the deal.
  6.  How do you value a competitor which can hurt or is already hurting your cash flows, even if it does not create cash flows of its own?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Education Budget 2014-15 - India Higher Education Statistics

Government has increased budget expenditure for 2014 -15 to Rs 81441 Cr vs RE of Rs 74626 Cr in 2013-14. However, the BE is only 9% higher than RE for current year, and is lags overall growth (at 11%) for the government expenditure for next year. Details are as follows

Rs Cr2012-20132013-20142013-20142014-2015
Plan - ExpenditureActualsBEREBE
Department of School Education42822496594715951198
Department of Higher Education 12711162101470316200
Total 55533658696186267398
Non-Plan Expenditure    
Department of School Education2810304229773287
Department of Higher Education 772010552978710756
Total Expenditure     
Department of School Education45632527015013654485
Department of Higher Education 20431267622449026956


Tuesday, February 04, 2014

UBER Promo Code India - Get Free Rides - Last Few Days to Get Rs 600

Hurry last few days to get Rs 600 for Free UBER Rides

Get free rides on luxury cars such as Mercs, Beamers, Audis in India with UBER. Visit the following link and and follow the instructions to register and get UBER credit for Rs 600

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Alternatively enter the following UBER Promo Codes while signup

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Competition in Personal Loans Market Driving Interest Rates Lower

Not sure if you have noticed, but the number of calls I am getting, offering a Personal Loan at low rates has increased multi-fold. The number of spam emails is also increasing.

The interest rates have fallen sharply as well. Loans that charged 15-18% annual interest rates in the past, are now being offered at 12.5%. The offers also include discounts on processing fee.

Interestingly this has happened despite the fact that RBI has not yet decreased interest rates. But this is likely an impact of the prevailing liquidity in the market. Of the various banks, Stan C seems to be offering the lowest rates on personal loans (checked online and this phenomenon is happening in UK market as well). 

Anyways, if you are looking for a personal loan, this is perhaps a good time to consider taking one. 
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