Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What caused the rise of English as the way of doing business in India?

It is tough for us Indian’s to write ‘Proper’ sentences in the English language. It is painful sometimes to see your colleagues, friends, and your own self struggle to compose error free communication. And I am not talking about spelling mistakes but words, sentences and paragraphs that make no sense or mean literally the opposite of what the writer wishes to convey.

I wonder why is it that English came to be the language of choice for business communication. One apparent reason could be the rise of personal computers, which are used to compose messages. Despite the availability of delete and backspace buttons we end up writing in a language that is not ours. Our minds are not wired to write in the Queen’s language. However if you are reading this the chances are your PC only has Roman letters for inputs and not Devanagari or any other Indian language. Mobiles, with virtual key pads are lucky as the software now enables choice between different input languages but form factor has an equally detrimental impact on whatever language you want to write in.

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