Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tata Corus CSN - Three way Deal?

Instead of fighting over Corus if CSN and Tata Steel combine to form a three way alliance, it may be the best for the shareholders for all three companies (at least for CSN's and Tata's). The ongoing bidding war would only mean that either of the two companies would end up overpaying for the deal and the other would miss out on the synergies.

It may be best to try a new form that companies Corus's access to markets, CSN's access to raw materials and Tata's managerial capability. But would all the managers be ready to give up personal gains for this option? This remains to be seen as the story onfolds.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

This week at ISB...

The week has been interesting to say the least. Not only did we get to interact with to top honchos of the corporate world but also had a chance to be in close quarters with our very own 'MAN'. I mean our very own PM Manmohan Singh.

It started with the Capital Markets Conference on the 29th followed by the ISB Leadership Summit on the 2nd of Dec and then the two day GLS. Each of these events were special in their own rights and have been clubbed with the five year celebrations of the ISB.

We are not sure where we may be another 10 years from now but know where we want to be and the promise is worth the wait. But hope is to be a part of that promise than just a spectator.

It is very easy to get disillusioned by what happens at ISB. So you need to keep you feet firmly planted in the reality and work towards what you want the most. The idea is to prioritize they say.
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