Thursday, July 28, 2011

Corruption in India - Quick Question

This question may be quite irrelevant, however I am curious to know if the level of corruption has systematically  gone up (versus say 20 years ago, and not just in terms of quantum of amounts involved ) or is it more visible these days because of greater media scrutiny? I am inclined to believe that it is the latter however the former appears equally likely. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Number of Higher Education Institutes in India (Colleges and Universities)

The detailed breakup of higher education institutes (Colleges + Universities) in India (as of December 31, 2010) is given below

Google has quietly changed the background color of sponsored ads (top of page) . It now appears to be closely merged with organic ads making it easy to confuse it with the top organic result.  No doubt, this would bring in more  clicks to the search giant. To be sure the background color is not white and the segment says that it is Ad, but the new color scheme makes it easier to miss it. Check for yourselves

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Google+ Invites

Logged in this morning to find out that I had access to Google+. I am excited and a little scared at the same time. Already adding people in circles (On facebook I only accepted invites). With facebook I know I can shut it out any time (actually don't log in frequently).However with Google+ I think it is going to be tough. I am always on gmail and with +  link right on top ribbon, it is convenient and tempting to sneak a peak (maybe even share).

The interface is neat (very, infact) and google has done a great job at interlinking its other services (already shared items from Picasa and Reader). Will be interesting to see, how Google link- in third party apps (Big draw on Facebook) which would increase its utility value to people. If it will and do it well, I think it will become a serious competitor to FB. If I was with FB, I would already be thinking of advancing the IPO.

PS: Just deleted my Orkut account (the only online social network I was active on at any time)


Monday, July 04, 2011

Is this the beginning of the end for Facebook?

Was watching a TV series based on mythology (Dwarkadheesh - running on Imagine TV) which set me thinking. Most of the villians in Indian Mythology initially started out as good people and through powers granted by God became greatly successful. However they eventually met 'Hamartia' ( when they lost track and became villains instead. They were eventually brought down by powerful miracles or avatars which otherwise seemed innocuous to the all powerful villain.

The situation is similar to modern large successful corporations. When these become very successful they tend to lose sight of what made them great. Often innovations which initially look innocuous bring these giants and this happens as these companies stop being good and become villains. Take large companies which become virtual monopolies as an example. Their profiteering leaves space for new smaller companies to innovate and lure away wary customers. Was wondering if hubris has set in for facebook as well and would it lead to Hamartia. Constant wielding of power by this virtual social monopoly has left many people disenchanted (case in point the new facial recognition feature) and were only too willing for to switch to an alternative. The answer may be negative in this case but they better watch out.

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