Saturday, July 09, 2011

Google+ Invites

Logged in this morning to find out that I had access to Google+. I am excited and a little scared at the same time. Already adding people in circles (On facebook I only accepted invites). With facebook I know I can shut it out any time (actually don't log in frequently).However with Google+ I think it is going to be tough. I am always on gmail and with +  link right on top ribbon, it is convenient and tempting to sneak a peak (maybe even share).

The interface is neat (very, infact) and google has done a great job at interlinking its other services (already shared items from Picasa and Reader). Will be interesting to see, how Google link- in third party apps (Big draw on Facebook) which would increase its utility value to people. If it will and do it well, I think it will become a serious competitor to FB. If I was with FB, I would already be thinking of advancing the IPO.

PS: Just deleted my Orkut account (the only online social network I was active on at any time)


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