Monday, July 04, 2011

Is this the beginning of the end for Facebook?

Was watching a TV series based on mythology (Dwarkadheesh - running on Imagine TV) which set me thinking. Most of the villians in Indian Mythology initially started out as good people and through powers granted by God became greatly successful. However they eventually met 'Hamartia' ( when they lost track and became villains instead. They were eventually brought down by powerful miracles or avatars which otherwise seemed innocuous to the all powerful villain.

The situation is similar to modern large successful corporations. When these become very successful they tend to lose sight of what made them great. Often innovations which initially look innocuous bring these giants and this happens as these companies stop being good and become villains. Take large companies which become virtual monopolies as an example. Their profiteering leaves space for new smaller companies to innovate and lure away wary customers. Was wondering if hubris has set in for facebook as well and would it lead to Hamartia. Constant wielding of power by this virtual social monopoly has left many people disenchanted (case in point the new facial recognition feature) and were only too willing for to switch to an alternative. The answer may be negative in this case but they better watch out.

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