Thursday, July 28, 2011

Corruption in India - Quick Question

This question may be quite irrelevant, however I am curious to know if the level of corruption has systematically  gone up (versus say 20 years ago, and not just in terms of quantum of amounts involved ) or is it more visible these days because of greater media scrutiny? I am inclined to believe that it is the latter however the former appears equally likely. 


Rahul said...

Corruption is deep rooted in our day to day affairs.In case of higherups,it is highlighted.I am of the view that to remove it,efforts should be made to attack on the lowest level say courts,colleges,banks etc.

RW said...

I believe that a number of steps are being taken in the right direction. Consider railway ticketing for example. Or the education malpractices bill (though currently stalled in parliament). One big step that the government can take (and is already taking in several cases is) to reduce corruption at lower levels is to promote eGovernance initiatives

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