Monday, January 04, 2016

To speak or not to speak: #Pathankot

I am deeply pained by the attacks on Pathankot. However, once again it seems the terrorists may succeed in derailing the talks between India and Pakistan. The popular commentary in media is to get Pakistan to go after terrorist outfits that target India before engaging them. Here are my thoughts/questions in my mind
  • How do you get them to eliminate terrorists that target India when it is unable to target terrorists that are targeting Pakistan?
  • Every time the dialog process moves one step further, these terrorist organizations attack India. Isn't it clear that these organizations feel threatened by the India - Pak engagement. By stopping talks are we not playing into their hands? By putting preconditions that we know cannot be met by the Pak government what are we trying to achieve.
  • If Pak military controls these rogue elements and military is not under the control of their government, why are we engaging with government only and not with Pak military directly?
  • What incentive are we creating for Pakistan government and military or people who can exercise influence to act against India based terror organizations?
  • Also, salute the brave soldiers that are fighting to keep us safe. Why are they not equipped with latest weapons and safety equipment? eg Why do operations have to stop at night. Why did we not deploy thermal scanning, night vision - disclaimer being this perception is based on limited information?

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