Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chidambaram is "Sorry"

The former finance minister and the current home minister, P Chidambaram, is a learned man and he has a sharp, almost acidic wit. Despite that, I have always liked him for his intelligence. He appears to know what he is doing (unlike many others) and has clearly thought through situations. However, in this TV show, hosted by Barkha Dutt, he just took his superiority complex too far.

When one of the survivors of 26/11 made an emotional plea to him that there should have been stronger measures to bring the perpetrators to justice, Chidambaram went out on the offensive and put the poor chap on the hot seat and asked him what he would have done in his place.

It was totally unbecoming of his position although not completely surprising coming from him. It certainly appears that Mr. Chidambaram is still sulking on his loss of the finance portfolio. Even then, this does not mean he can vent his anger on an innocent man, who is so overcome with emotions that he is barely coherent. Of course Chidambaram got no reply.
This, after all Chidambaram could say, on the issue of the Maharashtra Polices’ inability to locate Karkare’s bullet proof vest, was “I Am Sorry”

Shame on you Mr. Chidambaram for doing this! You had no right. Rather than giving a straight answer, you chose to be vitriolic. I am sorry too Chiddu, but if you don’t have an answer then you ought not to be the home minister. Correct me if I am wrong, but you are the home minister and the fact is, that despite the government making tall claims, none of the accused has been brought to justice. Not even one. So it was a fair question and deserved a straight reply.


Savithri said...

I feel the writer is too emotional about the entire situation. It is clear that Mr. Chiddhu is taking measures on 26/11 issue. He asked that guy to suggest him a situation. Then with regard to Karkare's vest what do you expect from him? He was not a Home Minister then. He can say sorry for this and make sure that such incidents may not happen in future.


RW said...

You are right. Ofcourse, I am emotional about the incident. I am sure, had you been watching the show, you would have been too. Which is exactly my point.

The public anger was not directed towards Chidambaram. Chidambaram did give the right answer, but the manner in which he chose to give the answer was far from perfect and infact was hurtful.

I was hurt watching the show. Imagine, if you were the victim and you were reprimanded on national TV for saying that you feel that the government steps to serve justice have had not effect. Put yourself in the poor guy's position how he must have felt.

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