Sunday, November 08, 2009

Deja Moo, Ear Job, Blamestorming and the The Office Life

Could not resist posting these!

  • Al Desco - Describes any meal eaten at your desk (you have our sympathies if it's dinner).
  • ALAP - As Late As Possible
  • Blamestorming - Meeting to discuss a failure and find a scapegoat
  • Deja moo - The nagging feeling that you've heard this B.S. before
  • Enail - An email sent for the sole purpose of making a point in writing, usually at another person's expense. Most effective when cc'ed to as many senior people as possible
  • Ear candy: Flattery
  • Ear job: The act of passing on some juicy company gossip verbally, and in private. "I'm just running into a meeting, but I'll give you an ear job later."
  • Facipulate - An unfortunate mix of 'facilitate' and 'manipulate', this contrived verb refers to influencing the course of a discussion by indirectly promoting particular lines of thought
  • FUBAR- F***ed Up Beyond All Repair
  • Head shunting - The secret hiring of a head hunter to persuade an ineffectual employee to take a position at another firm. Nicely eliminates the mess of having to fire someone

My favorite is Deja Moo. Perfectly describes what you feel while listening to the "experts" on business channels predicting whether the market is going to go up or down

These are a few samples from the new / interesting jargon at the office life

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