Friday, March 27, 2015

#JustThinkingAloud -Why are we so shocked by YY and PB being side lined out of AAP?

Organizations need alignment and singularity of purpose to succeed. This does not mean that there no room for dissent and difference in opinions. On the contrary, organizations need dissent and debate. But there is a time and place for that. Successful organizations need to put dissent behind them when it’s time to execute and importantly the difference in views should stay hidden from the external view to inspire confidence in its customers and shareholders, and they know what to expect from the organization at all time. Sure, organizations can change their focus or direction, but at any given point of time the messaging needs to be coherent.

Equally important to this alignment on goals and objectives is to have coordination between its all units and departments. Anything that hinders proper coordination to achieve common goals impacts strategy execution, thus leading to frustration, escalation and/or duplication of effort and general failure to meet objectives leading to missed commitments to customers.
If AAP were a company, would we not be okay with the company censuring YY and PB and projecting the CEO i.e. AK is the know all leader.

What is wrong if the AAP, the political party does the same. After all, are we more worried about upholding idealism or its ability to put an end to corruption and transparent governance and driving growth for the country.  Why is the aam aadmi worried if the company in which they are all shareholders and also customer ‘appears to have a single supreme CEO’?

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