Monday, March 23, 2015

#JustThinkingAloud -Are E-Commerce/Digital Companies being Anti Competitive and Unethical?

Ecommerce digital industry is right now a land grab operation, in coercing users to their online platforms or marketplaces to buy goods and services. While the idea is to get users hooked on to the convenience of transacting online but many are selling these goods and services below cost, think Amazon in India (even if it is a few items and limited inventory during mega sales) or even Ola losing money on each ride.

Would this not be considered anti competitive and unethical if regular firms were doing this to each other in mature markets. This is impacting ability of brick and mortar companies, that have made huge investments already, to compete on a level playing field.

While, tech companies passing on efficiencies due to better use of technology is fine but this 'land grab' operation funded by money from private equity funds is being unfair to the traditional players.


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