Thursday, December 08, 2011

Jubilant Foodworks - Dominos India

Feel cheated by Dominos India. Had recently ordered Pizza Mania (which a a set of 4 pizzas). To our surprise there was not cheese on the pizzas but was loaded with mayonnaise. When we called up the store, the store person at first refused to agree but when we pressed him he agreed that the cheese had been replaced with Mayonnaise. 

Their reason for using it is that it is cheaper than cheese. However it is taking unsuspecting customers for a ride.  Mayonnaise is 50% Oil and 50% Egg, so they are not only feeding you more fat but even god won't help you if you are a vegetarian. Nowhere on their menu or website is this fact disclosed. Had they done this is the US, they would be facing huge class actions and criminal suite. Now I am okay with mayonnaise, however if this is their standard of disclosure than I am not sure what kind of chemicals they are putting in their products. 

While the stock of Jubilant Foodworks has been shooting for the sky (Its market cap which is over $1 billion, is interestingly 50% of the market cap of the parent company - remember Jubilant Foodworks is India franchisee of Dominos, as it gets a high PE multiple) I am not going to order any more pizzas from Dominos.


Anonymous said...

Its hard ti digest. It can never happen in Dominos.

Anonymous said...

Well, it was not a one time thing. This is what they sell. You get bread loaded with mayonnaise (and not cheese) when you order from the 'Pizza Mania' section

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