Sunday, November 27, 2011

Is Cyrus the best choice for Chairmanship?

We have all read glowing tributes about Cyrus Mistry, the new Chairman in waiting, of Tata Sons, India's most respected business conglomerate. He is not too old but is mature enough, has the right credentials, comes from a certain community and represents the largest shareholder.  All very good and he may turn out to be a good Chairman, however I have seen no analysis of why he is the number one choice.  As a small minority shareholder, I would like to know 

  • Who all were considered for post of the Chairman? After all a committee was formed for the search
  • And why is young Cyrus, best choice out of all the others considered or not considered
Why is there so much secrecy on the process? After all Tata's are supposed to be transparent and open. Or maybe I am expecting too much? 

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