Friday, February 18, 2011

Should Microfinance be regulated? And the role of Media!

As part of my daily routine I checkout VCCircle, and generally, the quality of its articles is good (certainly way better than majority of print media). But I think this particular post reeks of hypocrisy.

Lets replace, the Micro Finance sector with the media sector. You would agree that role of Media is to inform objectively. I am sure that many in the media industry sensationalize news at the least, not to mention a few, that fabricate their own. Many would say that the media sector has a huge social obligation, including online.

I would like to ask Shahad and others in the media industry who are not happy with high salaries in microfinance,  how would they view regulation on salaries in the media industry. I suppose owners would be happy. Let me put it differently, would they agree to a cap on profits on this sector. Maybe even, be mandated to become 'not for profit' like education sector is in the country. We all know how being 'not for profit' has helped in educating the masses in India.

What Say?

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