Friday, February 18, 2011

ODI World Cup 2011 - Opening Ceremony

Saw portions of the the opening ceremony for the ODI World Cup 2011. Coming on the back of spectacular opening ceremonies in India, for the commonwealth games and in China, for the Asian games, the entertainment value of the ceremony itself was a low.

Perhaps, the real story lies elsewhere. For a  nation, where cricket is religion, getting a taste of the biggest event in the sport and the overflowing enthusiasm were the real highlights of the event. Unlike India and China where the events were showcased up as proxies for nation's coming of age, there was no hoopla about the organization. The enthusiasm is rightly focussed on sport and it shows (from all reports in the media). Bangladesh take on co-hosts India (where the biggest news/buzz is the lack of buzz about the ODI World cup) in the opening tie, it is a chance to showcase that they belong at this stage

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