Saturday, July 05, 2008

Of Bottled Water

Read Vir Sanghvi's column on bottled water scam in the mint today. I see that happening all the time. Restaurants in India supply over priced bottled water. What he forgot to mention was that this happens in cinemas too. In PVR, for example, you need to pay a bomb for every thing from pop corn to water. Since they cannot sell bottled above MRP, they have come up with a novel scheme. Water bottles supplied to these halls are different from the usual ones available else where. Mind you, just the bottles and not the water are different. MRP printed on them is way higher that usual for similar quantities of even same brand available outside (and people pay for this despite water coolers that are installed in the premises that are filled with filtered water. They could do atleast this much)

I do not know if they pay a higher tax to the govt (vat etc on this ) but it sure makes them a huge margin. I guess every one has to just put his/her foot down and stop buying items that are priced nonsensically.

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