Thursday, July 17, 2008

Go N Deal Go!

Well, the left may think that the N Deal is anti national. BS! Maybe the left MPs do not suffer prolonged power cuts at odd hours during summers. The nuclear deal, is in the interest of the aam aadmi (the Common Indian Man). But what about the the the nation's sovereignty. BS! BS!. No body is ever going to use a Nuclear Weapon (read WMD) against the country. How many bombs do you need for nuclear deterrence. One, two, three. (More BS!) I bet that we already have a stockpile, big enough to deter all of our enemy countries.
Anyways, if we feel the need to develop some more WMDs some day, what is to stop us from going ahead and asking IAEA inspectors to leave? Would we not be back in a situation that we are in today?
Coming back to the question of power capacity. We not only need more power, but need to improve the efficiency of distribution as well. The transformer near our house has tripped four times in the last 5 hours, leaving the whole DLF phase 2 (apparently a premier locality in Gurgaon) without power. Another theory we have is that they cut power here so all people buy flats in the new societies that have power back up and can buy their own electricity from power generating companies.
So here's cheers for atomic energy! Go N Deal, Go!


Anonymous said...

hows the situation now? are power cuts still happening in dlf ph 2?

RW said...

generally better. but they still happen

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