Sunday, August 06, 2006

ISB Applicants - Query Section

Life has come a full circle for me. From being and aspirant myself and asking for help I now have the opportunity to help this year's applicants. Having benefited from numerous sources, I think I need to return the favor by keeping this tradition alive. Thus, if you are aspiring for ISB and have some questions, please leave those in the comment section here. I would try to answer them as quickly as possible and to the extent possible, provided I am not deluged with assignments or impending exams ;).

So if you need any info or advice just shoot your questions.


Maverick said...

I am an ISB aspirant myself. I wanted to know how many of the ISB students get into Wealth Management post ISB. I think I am really interested in Wealth management. Please let me know your views when time permits.

Kapil said...

Hi M

The number is not large but rising every year. And the serious ones do make it. Out of the one's last year at least three were from non-fin background.

Hope that helps!

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