Monday, August 07, 2006

The hottest hand in Silicon Valley

This lad from IIT Delhi went on to be known as the hottest hand in Silicon Valley. If you do not know him, he founded or helped to find these companies

Founding companies
Sun Microsystems Inc.
Daisy Systems
i-Ram Systems Inc.
Khosla Ventures

Helping to found companies
NexGen (now purchased by AMD)
@Home Network
Juniper Networks

Well, if you still do not know who I am talking about, then read this. Saw an old video of him of a session he conducted at ISB. Could not help being impressed. He certainly knows what he talks about.

Anyways, every year ISB plays host to TiE-ISB connect every year and if you are wondering what is this TiE I am talking about, then look here or here.

Our man has been one of the speakers at this event in the past.

Well, if you are even remotely thinking about enterpreneurship then you have got to be here at ISB for the TiE-ISB Connect.

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