Saturday, May 20, 2006

Reservations: Food for though !

Food for thought

Would you want someone to vote operate on you or your loved ones, after knowing that they made it to medical school because they belonged to a special category of people and not on merit?

Would you trust an airline that got its planes designed by some one who made it there because of similar reasons a above?

Would you send someone to fight for you and trust them to defend you when he or she came from some special quota and not on the ability to defend you?

You dont get someone to represent you at the olympics, just because he came from a special group and is not our best athelete?

Hell, you dont have reservation in the Indian Cricket team. Would you let someone change that?

Do you still believe in legislation for quotas in the private industry or that matter government jobs?
Would you vote for XYZ if he carried on the chant for having quotas?
What do you want to do

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