Saturday, May 06, 2006

Assignments- at ISB

We got our first dose of assignments at ISB. Amongst all the parties happening, majority of the people are also quite serious about doing their assignments. Others rely on the rest of the group mates (All of us have been divided into study groups of 6 each) to get them through.
The level of competition forces (rather psyches you into studying more) I have surprised my self at the amount of study hours, I have put in, during the last week. I never thought that I had it in me to do so(Although I have, more than had the share of the parties as well). I wish, I had studied a bit more during my graduation(or under grad, depending on where you live). Anyways, I am happy that I aced the first quiz (Finance). I just submitted it and scored 78/78. I am sure most others will, but that does not take away any shine from my score.
I hope the maxim.. "Well begin, is half done" , would hold true in my case as well. Although, I am not really gunning for the 'D' list or an MC job, starting well is always a good feeling.
Anyways, have two more assignments to complete during the week, and fourth prof has just posted some material for practise.
Chao, gotta study.. Oh there is another party at SV-2 tonite (Student village- 2) ... Any takes on where I mite be tonite....

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