Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Cobra bites again!

All the companies that were punished for poor corporate governance must be laughing today as India's cream of financial sector giants, many of whom manage funds, brokerages, equity research houses that championed better governance in public and indulged in malpractices on the side, were exposed today by Cobra Post.

I am surprised today by inclusion of Tata AIG in the list. I guess more pained than surprised. I used to work at at Tata Company before and prided in the fact that Tata's were above this malaise. But before we pass judgement, we must look inside. We will discover that we are all a little dishonest, but like to believe, at most times, that we are honest and are better than the rest. We cook up stories, hang on to anecdotes of our honesty and overemphasize others' dishonesty.

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