Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Elections Results: Analysis

While analysts have been quick to write off the Congress Party and believe that Congress party has weakened, I believe the election results are positive for the Congress, if you look at the big picture (especially from the view of the central government).  Remember the elections were held in the backdrop of

1. Massively televised scams (read 2G, Commonwealth etc) which generated huge public sentiment against Congress
2. Baba Ramdev movement against black money
3. Anna Hazare movement against corruption

In light of all this, one would have completely written off the Congress party. However, they improved their tally in UP, gained seats in Uttrakhand, in Punjab and retailed Manipur with improved results, versus last elections.  Even more importantly BJP, its sole competitor at the center lost ground every place (except in Goa). The fact that BJP failed to capitalize on worst ever sentiments against the Congress Party is huge plus for the Congress party and its government at the center. Although it also means that coalition politics would continue to take center stage even at national level. Congress would do well to utilize the next two years to push governance especially in education and in healthcare.

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