Friday, January 07, 2011

Those who saw CAT 2010 'results' are unethical?


The above word does not even begin to describe the CAT Convener Prof Himanshu Rai's statement calling the students who saw their results through legitimately logging into the CAT website before the officially announced date for declaration of results.

Instead of saying 'Mea Culpa' he says the following "This has shown them in a bad light as people. They are certainly not the kind of people IIMs would like to have in their institutes and definitely not the kind of leaders we are looking forward to make in the future,"

I mean, not only are IIM's not accepting that they goofed up (...again, after last year's fiasco) and admit that they are poor managers of IT systems but are accusing the young curious minds. If at all the guys who first saw the results may have been more curious and nervous about their results, while many of the others who heard about it and logged would have done to to find out if IIM's were that stupid. Many of those who apply to IIM's are from the IT industry. This is the second decade of the 21st century. Even kids know that confidential information is to be put securely on a website.

This is like you give a gold coin to a person and then call the police and say he is a thief. Or imagine, a large company is bidding for a tender and 'accidently' mails out the quote to all its competitors and then accuses them of unethical behavior for quoting lower.  Why? You were not supposed to receive a letter.Even, If you received were not supposed to open it. Even if you opened it you were not supposed to read it. Did you not see the letter was marked "confidential" . Now that you saw the number you should have bowed out and not quoted. Not only this you should have sent back a cheque for a million dollars as penalty for corporate espionage and be disqualified from all future tenders. 

A whole lot of crap!! Isn't it? Ek chori aur doosra sina jori!

Mr Rai, have some humility at least. Please accept that the IT guys managing the system f**k*d up. You need not even say that IIM professors are bad managers (and know zilch about IT security and managing). Students would still keep applying because IIM's are a great sea of knowledge that students can gain from. Or are we hoping for too much?

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krishna said...

I would say IIM s are the kind of college i would not join.

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