Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tata Motors- Q2 FY11 Results Update - Buy!!

Tata Motors posted excellent results with revenues up ~35% YoY and profit up to 2223 Cr vs only 22 cr last year in the same quarter. Its seems that the contrarian  investments that the tata group had made during the downturn (Corus by Tata Steel and JLR by Tata Motors) is now paying rich dividends, as the global economy recovers.

These are fantastic results by Tata Motors and much beyond street expectation, despite the fact that Tata Nano is yet to take off. Could lead to serious re-rating of the stock over the next couple of quarters. Won't be surprised if the stock climbs 50%+ in the next one year. Key thing to watch would be how it absorbs commodity  price increases in the next 2 quarters as a result of QE2

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