Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Padma Awards: Dhoni and Harbhajan Saga

Perhaps you may not agree with me, but the current anger by the Sports Minister on Dhoni and Harbhajan was uncalled for. The President may be the presiding deity for government officials, but is still a public servant. And therfore, that the two were unable to show up should not be held against them and is their perogative. Perhaps players's lack of respect for the awards is a reflection on what a sham and tamasha these awards have become over the ages.
The ministers who have made no real contribution to sports, or for that matter to any other thing, get to show their importance through angry (uncalled for) outbursts. They deserve to be snubbed. As for our sportsmen (and sportswomen) the award is only a recognition for their achievement and not the achievement themselves. Not being present on the award ceremony does not make their contribution less great.

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