Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Evidence to nail mumbai masterminds!

I am angry and a bit of a cynic an this point of time to pardon me!

My impression (no awards for this)

1. People are very angry all over
2. Reactions from India: A lot of accusations against politicians, intelligence officials, Pakistan (some against certain sections, some against Pak government and some against entire Pakistan)
3. Counter reactions from Pakistan: Anger at some of the above accusations, messages of reconciliation when Pak diplomats talk to Indian media, Conspiracy theories - some quite sickening,

People are making a lot of suggestions. A lot of them just angry reactions, some more sane but always at the wrong forum. Who is taking action. In my heart, I am convinced that there are forces within Pakistan that want to destabilize India, possibly within other their government. I hears claims that India has concrete evidence. But just those, I have not seen the evidence for myself. Maybe I never will but I want to as it will put an end to the part of me that does not believe it.

But everybody, at least on the Internet forums is convinced. Have they seen the evidence? I doubt it. How could they be so sure if they have not and recommend an all out war with our neighboring country with people who are very much like our own.

Well, may not all like our own we would say. But don't we have the naxals, the deobandis, I have talked to people from Kashmir who are sick of both India and Pakistan. They want this war to end and peace to prevail.

I am sure everybody should want it. But I am also sure that everybody does not. Where is all of this taking us? Is the ISI chief going to visit India. He was going to, one day. Now, I am not so sure.

When I hear the Pak president on TV, I want to believe that he is genuine, for sake of all of us in India. But is he? I am not so sure?

Despite all this, I know the masterminds of this evil plot are out there somewhere. But where, I do not know?

The only thing I am sure about is that for humanity's sake, we need to keep a level head, avoid knee jerk reactions? Can I do that? I am not sure?

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