Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blogs are like opinions, every one has them !?

A few weeks back, ISB hosted a talk on lack of political involvement amongst the youth in India and its ramifications on the India's economy. One of the eminent speakers felt that the problem is not that Indians are not involved, but rather they are involved only superficially. What he said was that even though a large number of youth discuss politics, they are only voicing their opinions while being ignorant of the facts.

Well, my post is not about that It is rather about blogs. A lot of people vent out their feelings on the blogs. A lot of that can be compared to the situation above. While, it is any day better than not having any opinion voicing at all, but the readers must read these blogs in that context and be aware that a lot of what is being propagated through these blogs are actually personal opinions and looked at in that perspective while forming your own conclusions. With the increasing power of blogs to influence opinion these days this assumes greater importance.

This is not to say that blogs have no utility. On the contrary, I feel that blogs have the power to become a huge tool for empowering the general public. But they should become more than the topic of this post
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